Majon Internet builds web pages. We have built thousands of them. Apparently we do it rather well. But so do many others.
That is why we do not count only on building attractive, functional and interactive websites for our success. We do something more. A big something. We get people to come visit the web pages we build. What possibly sets Majon Internet apart from our friends and competitors is that we constantly study the ever changing algorhithms of the major search engines (especially Google), and update our clients'pages accordingly.
At Majon Internet we actually publish your web site. That means we place it on the web and then go out and gather a community of appropriate readers and visitors. And little by little your web site takes on a life of its own, multiplying your exposure to the market.
Before Majon Internet arrived in Panama (November 2000) the largest web publisher in the country was bringing ten thousand cyber visitors per day to Panama. That number just went up by one hundred thousand.
Majon Internet
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When you are ready to publish your message on the internet we will be ready to help you.